Punchy Drum Breaks! Vol. 1

Punchy Drum Breaks! Vol. 1

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Punchy Drum Breaks Vol. 1 is alive!! 

Take a listen to the demo on SoundCloud.

Yo 👋  I'm Joey and I've been producing music for over 10 years and drumming for 17!

This is my first public pack, but it's PACKING heat! 

With each of these 26 loops, I was obsessed with creating punchy, funky, drag n' drop ready drum breaks that don't need any processing. So that you can use them in your own tracks.

Quality over quantity.

I put every bit of detail into them. The end result is some extra crunchy and vintage drum breaks that will jump out of the speakers.

Various plugins, as well as both experimental and tried n' true techniques were used to create these slappers.

I recorded in a sound-treated room with multiple mics, multiple snares and cymbals, and focused heavily on the mix-downs. Every break was run through a tape plugin.

The goal was to ensure these drums sound great for anyone to use, regardless of genre.

These are drag n' drop ready as mentioned, but I encourage you to slice and dice these up. And you can even chop these up and create one-shots from them!

All bpm's are marked. Ranging from 77-145. HD 24 bit wav's. 🌊

Compatible with any DAW!

I hope these spark new ideas to your tracks...and add that PUNCH that you didn't know your drums needed. 💥 🥊

You can check these out on my Instagram (@purecolors).

Tag me on IG whenever you use these, I want to hear what you come up with.